About us

This website was born on January 19th, 2020 in Denver Colorado USA

This site was created to fill a void caused by censorship, and the unfair and bias practices of some businesses, and individuals. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are at the vary core of our Nation.

This type of site needs a lot of resources, like processing power, storage, and bandwidth. Considering our competition we may not function as well, as fast or have the huge subscriber base. We are not oblivious to all this, and we intend to do the best we can.

Many content creators have been de-monetized during the worst time ever. We would like to offer the same type of robust advertising and revenue service that many of you are used to, but obviously the type of budget needed for that is next to impossible. Currently we have a simple advertising system, that allows for advertisers to place, and content creators to be compensated. Visitors will also be able to donate directly to the authors.

The content on this site are moderated by its community, and owner(s). This means we delete stuff! If you post illegal acts, animal cruelty, content deemed undesirable, or if your content gets voted off by the community, we will remove it. We also may limit the amount of videos you can post, this is not to censor you. We simply do not have the resources to store the huge quantities of videos that are out there.

We expect you to be responsible and accountable. You expect us to be honest, reasonable and earn your trust. We don't collect, sell, or use any of your personal information for any reason other that the function of this site. Our income is only derived from sales of subscriptions, advertising, and commissions.

Content creators should upload their original content. When content originates here, it will be subject to our advertisement system. Content that is imported, embedded, linked, or duplicated will use their respective original advertisement system(s) not ours. Non-original content should have attibributes, and links to the original source. New content should have references, attributes, apt descriptions, and any other relevant info whenever possible. Manipulating content to get hits is frowned upon, an example of this would be a video about an event that happened in the past but is titled breaking news, happening now. In this case the original date, and date of current post should be included as to preserve the actual historical account.

Subject Matter
Warning this site contents content that may be unsuitable for some viewers. The content on this site is moderated by the community and its owner(s). To report illegal, unwanted, disturbing, stolen, copyright infringement, or any other issue, click the flag to report the post for removal. Voting does not report content, only flagging does. We reserve the right to take any action, and make no claims, promises, warranties or guarantees of any kind.