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CAPITALISM in China - Private vs. State Owned Enterprise

Published on 11 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics

Do private enterprise in China exist? Let us have a look at capitalism in China through these seven books:
1. Wealth into Power (2008), Bruce J. Dickson
2. The Party (2010), Richard Mc.Gregor
3. Markets over Mao (2014), Nicholas R. Lardy
4. China's Disruptors (2015), Edward Tse
5. Zukunft? China! (2018), Frank Sieren
6. The State Strikes BAck (2019), Nicholas R. Lardy
7. Wirtschaftspolitik der Volksrepublik China (2020), Barbara Darimont

This video gives a super short introduction into the situation of private businesses in China and states some interesting facts about the relationship between the Communist Party of China and private entrepreneurs.

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